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Jet A and 100LL Fuel
  • Jet A with prist: $5.44

  • 100LL: $6.10

  • Our self service fuel system offers 100LL and Jet A accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover and MultiService credit cards. 

  • Single point refuleing is available by calling 701-880-0042. 

  • Located at the midfield apron are two concrete tie downs for jets.


For pilots with a laptop, we offer free high speed internet WiFi. There is a computer in the lounge for use by pilots as well. The pilots lounge contains a single bed sleeping room, available for $45 per night.

Hanger Rental

We have hanger rental space available in two hangers. Hanger space is available for rent on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis or available to rent to an FBO. Our heated hanger is 70' X 80' with an 18' clear span door. The cold storage hanger is 70’x100’ with an18’ clear span door. Please call 701-880-0042 for availability.


HEATED Hanger   


Size of AC                           Daily    & on      Monthly     Annual

Small Single Engine             $ 50    $25        $225         $2,475

Small Twin Engine               $100   $50        $450         $4,950

King Air                               $150   $75        $600         $6,600

8+ Passenger Business Jet   $250   $125      $900         $9,900






Cold Storage Hanger        


Size of AC                           Daily    & on       Monthly    Annual Small Single Engine             $ 43     $ 21       $169        $1,856

Small Twin Engine               $ 85     $ 43       $338        $3,713

King Air                               $128    $ 64       $450        $4,950

8+ Passenger Business Jet   $213    $106      $675        $7,425

Courtesy Vehicle

Our courtesy vehicle is a 2003 Chevy, 7 passenger, Venture. The vehicle is available to pilots and passengers who need to run into town, attend local business meetings, tour local attractions, etc. There isn't a set rental rate, but free will donations are greatly appreciated.


Rental Vehicles

If our courtesy vehicle is unavailable or you need a vehicle for an extended period of time or extended travel, Hazen Motors our local Chevrolet Buick dealer may be able to assist you.  Please contact Steve Huber 701-748-2750 or email for details.

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