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About Mercer County Regional Airport

The Mercer County Regional Airport (KHZE) is located one mile east of Hazen, ND along ND Highway 200. The airport is owned by Mercer County and the cities of Golden Valley, Hazen, Pick City, Stanton, and Zap.

The airport is located along the Lewis & Clark Trail, 15 minutes from Lake Sakakawea, the Dakota Gassification Plant, power plants, coal mines, and the home of Vanco Aviation.


MCRAA received a grant from the FAA and prepared a study to determine the need of a 5,000 by 75 foot runway in Mercer County. In January 1992 the study was complete and the site of the existing Hazen Municipal Airport was selected for development. In June 1993 construction began on the new $1,100,000 runway. Funding for the project was 90% FAA grant, 5% North Dakota State Aeronautics grant and 5% local dollars. The 5,000 by 75 foot facility was completed in December 1993.



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